Fleet management

Fleet management. We handle your fleet!

Sixt fleet management

Decades of experience and a fleet concept centered on the customer results in Sixt as your ideal partner for qualified fleet management. Sixt fleet management means utilizing the advantages of our workshop management regardless of whether you used to purchase or lease your fleet.

Fleet management – Leave all fleet related tasks to us

Sixt fleet management is based on the monthly accounting of the actual costs. The customer is liberated from a flood of receipts and administrative processes. At the same time our highly qualified team helps you to realise savings potentials by means of improved purchasing conditions, repair supervision and invoice checking. The ideal flow of information is ensured by our sophisticated accounting and reporting systems.

Sixt takes care of these tasks:

  • Strategic fleet control of leased and bought vehicles
  • Handling of all fleet related tasks
  • Control of leasing duration and mileage allowance
  • Professional workshop invoice verification
  • Customer specific analyses

Your advantage:

We relieve the burden of your fleet management – Independent of the way of financing or the lessor.

Fleet management

Sixt takes on all the tasks concernig fleet management. The advantages of Sixt fleet management speak for themselves: all receipts from one source, professional invoice audits and, of course, the Sixt service you are accustomed to. Thanks to comprehensive accounting and reporting systems you have the entire view over your fleet. Of course our fleet management is also at your disposal concernig your current fleet, and helps you to realise savings potentials immediately. Sixt is your reliable partner that even adopts your current fleet at sale and lease back. Thus Sixt helps you to reveal additional capital resources. Sixt leasing is your qualified partner concerning attractive models, comprehensive consulting and reasonable conditions.